Virtual Congress Period: Nov. 13th (Fri) 3:00p.m. - 26th (Thu) 3:00p.m.




  • 1)Is your internet connection stable? Wired connection (LAN) is recommended rather than wireless connection (WiFi, MiFi or etc).
    If the connection is unstable, it may terminate a session with the expired webpage.
  • 2)If the connection is unstable or you have an intermittent problem with your connection, can you connect from another location / different internet connection/source?
    Are you connecting from home or work? If you’re connecting from work, is there anything that can prevent you from connecting to websites, logging into areas?
    Firewall / other restrictions? If so you may need to request permission from a system administrator.
  • 3)Participants from particular country/area: some countries/areas are restricted to access for playing movie.
    If you have any trouble with playing movies, please access IADPSG 2020's Virtual Congress via VPN service.


  • 1)Is the date and time on your computer correct? Although this may be unlikely, an incorrect time,
    if this is the case can affect the connection between you and the webpage/server.
  • 2)If you are encountering problems on the device you are using, please try again on another device where possible.
    Do you have the same problem on another device/computer?
  • 3)Does your device/computer have sufficient resources? We recommend having a device with 4GB RAM and 256 GB disk space.
  • 4)Have you received any latest updates for your computer?
    If you are using Windows or Mac, please ensure that you have the latest software and security updates for your machine.


  • 1)Which browser do you use? We recommend you use Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. Internet Explorer is incompatible with the platform.
  • 2)Please ensure cookies are enabled for browsing.
  • 3)Close any web browsing sessions / tabs that are not needed. This can release resources on your computer.
  • 4)Do you have internet security software that could be affecting your browsing experience? Naturally, we would not suggest you switch this off, but there may be other software affecting your connection.
  • 5)Do you have an Adblocker enabled? If so try connecting to the platform with the adblocker disabled.
    The 6Connex system check tool automatically checks whether you have one installed and enabled.